Welcome to Green Village Organics!

We are a small, community-oriented group of food cooperatives in Naples, Florida. Once a week, we order bulk items of organic vegetables and fruits. The goods are delivered to our location each Wednesday afterrnoon; we divide them into equal portions and have them ready for you to pick up that afternoon.

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Why did we start Green Village Organics?

At traditional grocery stores, organic food is too expensive. As the co-op’s founders (Danielle Holimon and Beth Housewert), we wanted to provide naturally grown, pesticide-free food for our families, but found the cost at local supermarkets to be too high for our budgets. By cutting out the middleman, we have reduced the price of healthier food for our own families and our co-op members.

Our kids should be connected to the food they eat. Our children are preschoolers and toddlers, and we wanted them to experience the joy of whole, natural food.

We’re Community-Minded People. We like teaching our children to actively form connections with local citizens. We meet cool people who come to our home for pick-ups. The co-op fosters a neighborhood vibe that we appreciate.

Why might you be interested in joining Green Village Organics?

You want healthy food for your family at an affordable price. The cost-benefit analysis of eating organic fruits and vegetables led us to the following conclusions:

- Getting a lot of healthy food each week means we don’t have as much room for unhealthy food.

- We’re teaching our kids healthy habits, such as handling whole foods, planning meals together, and trying new things.

- We feel better knowing that we’re supporting a “growing” movement to return to the simplest, healthiest methods of food production.

- Spending our money on organic vegetables and fruits means we’re spending less on doctor visits, anti-biotics, and over-the-counter medicine.

So you want to Join?

The quickest way to get started getting produce is to fill out this form with your full contact information (name, address, phone and email). We ask for a $10 membership fee to help cover the cost of our website and hosting. This fee will be collected via paypal (you can use your credit card if you do not have a paypal account) directly after you fill out the join form. 

Once we have received both your join form and your membership fee, you will be notified that we are ready to add you to the co-op location of your choice. At that point you will need to arrange with your local coordinator to pay your initial payment ($35 for $15 bins and $60 for $25 bins) in person, or by mail. All payments must be in a week in advance of your first pickup date.