Soda Seltzer

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  • Fentimans Cherrytree Cola (6x4Pack )
    In partnership with Cherrytree Records, Fentimans is proud to present our newest twist on cherry cola! Mixed with a host of delicious botanicals including ginger spice, we add an infusion of natural cherry flavor for maximum taste. This cola is truly Your Pop Alternative!..
  • Fentimans Curiosity Cola (6x4Pack )
    Indulge your curiosity with our stimulating recipe of herbal ingredients. recreating an apothecary's cola of yesteryear. The result is a full-bodied, ginger infused traditional Cola that is curiously invigorating! Are you curious? Give one a try!..
  • Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock (6x4Pack )
    Full-strength infusions of Dandelion leaves and Burdock root, sweetened with pear juice and spiced with a touch of ginger and anise, all intermingle to create the unmistakable aroma and distinctive palate of this traditional English soda...
  • Fentimans Ginger Beer (6x4Pack )
    Our original! We use only the finest ingredients, such as premium ginger root from the bazaars of Shanghai, with choice juniper and yarrow extracts from around the globe. Our process starts by fermenting milled ginger root, which goes a long way in explaining the wonderful ginger tickle & burn experienced on the first sip. If you like Ginger, you'll love our Ginger Beer!..
  • Fentimans Mand Seville Orange (6x4Pack )
    Jigger is an old English term for good measure which we use when we combine the juice of eight mandarins and the zest of Seville orange in every bottle. Speedwell, juniper extract and fermented ginger botanicals then conspire to stimulate your senses with Fentimans Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger!..
  • Fentimans Rose Lemonade (6x4Pack )
    Complete with complex notes of lemon and the signature addition of ginger spice, our Rose Lemonade gets both its name, flavour, and unique blush pink colour from pure rose extract infusions from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria...
  • Fentimans Victorian Lemonade (6x4Pack )
    We squeeze the juice of 1� lemons into every bottle and blend them with fine ginger root, speedwell and juniper extracts for a Victorian-era, tart classic. This is truly lemonade like your nana used to make and a real thirst quencher like no other!..
  • Fever-Tree Club Soda (6x4Pack)
    Enjoy Fever-Tree Club Soda (6x4Pack). Soft spring water, bicarbonate of soda and a high level of carbonation. Simply perfect for bringing out the best flavours of finest whiskies. Note: description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients on the product before use. Please address any health or dietary questions to your health professional before using this item...
  • Fever-Tree Medit Tonic Water (6x4Pack )
    Using the most authentic strain of quinine and the finest lemon oils from Sicily as well as thyme, geranium, rosemary and mandarin, we have created a delicious new taste experience.Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic is available in all Waitrose stores. For a delicious and refreshing summer drink, serve with a premium vodka of your choice over plenty of ice. Add a sprig of lemon thyme to bring out the subtle flavours of the Mediterranean Tonic. Mediterranean TonicTASTING NOTES:Nose - A clear aroma of thyme, with fresh citrus and hints of Rosemary - ..
  • Fever-Tree Nat Light Tonic Water (8x16.9OZ )
    Fever-Tree's Naturally Light Tonic Water combines fruit sugars with citrus, aromatic botanicals and soft spring water to create a delicious, crisp taste balanced by the bitterness of natural quinine. With 45% fewer calories, this is the world's first, all natural lower calorie tonic water.TASTING NOTES:Colour - pure and crystal clearAroma - clean and fresh with citrus and aromatic hintFlavour - Very soft. Subtle and supportive citrus and fruit notes balanced by bitterness of natural quinine. The finish is clean with none of the usual cloying mo..