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  • Eden Foods Sushi Nori  Cultivated  Toasted  50 Sheets  4.4 oz
    Handy toasted sheets for sushi, nori rolls, and rice balls. Versatile and popular. Ise Bay grown purity. Differences you can see and taste in its deep color, brilliant luster, and appealing sweet, mild flavor. Fat free, very low sodium, and a good source of calcium. EDEN Toasted Sushi Nori is the finest grade nori available, already toasted and ready to use for making sushi and nori rolls. The tastiest of all sea vegetables and the one that is most easily appreciated by the Western palate. EDEN Sushi Nori has a complex sweet, delicate aroma and..
  • Emerald Cove Pacific Arame  Sea Vegetables  Silver Grade  35 oz
    Arame, a member of the kelp family of sea vegetables like wakame and kombu, has a sweet mild flavor and crisp texture. In Japanese folklore, arame has long been valued for its mineral content and traditional medicinal qualities; it is a good source of calcium and has sizeable iron content. EMERALD COVE Organic and Kosher Arame (Eisenia bicyclis) is gathered off the Ise peninsula, the site of one of Japan's most famous shrines. It grows approximately 20 feet below the low tide level and is harvested in the traditional way by women divers in late..
  • Maine Coast Organic Sea Vegetables  Sushi Nori Sheets  Toasted Chinese  50 Sheets
    Nori Sheets for making traditional sushi or California rolls Sushi Nori Sheets, OCIA Certified Organic Ever since we began harvesting indigenous seaweeds in 1971, our friends and customers have been asking for a good, clean nori sheet. After unsuccessfully trying to make a sheet from our local porphyra species, we learned that the Chinese were making excellent nori sheets and started selling those. Several years ago we organically certified the nori through OCIA International, our seaweed certifier. Now, with the help of a third party importer..