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  • Biotta Bilberry Juice (6x16.9 FZ)
    Bilberries provide a full flavored juice, rounded out with an organic lemon balm infusion. Bilberry juice provides a positive influence on blood vessels and eye health...
  • Biotta Breuss Veg Juice (6x16.9OZ )
    The Breuss Cancer Cure: Advice for the Prevention and Natural Treatment of Cancer, Leukemia and Other Seemingly Incurable Diseases. Breuss book theorizes that cancer feeds and grows on protein, and that that fasting, therefore, could detoxify and cleanse the body, while starving the cancer.Suited for juice fasting regimens - balanced blend contains sufficient quantities of all the important vitamins the body needs during purification regimens. A blend of freshly gathered organic vegetables such as beetroots, carrots, celeriac, potatoes and radi..
  • Biotta Celery Juice (6x16.9OZ )
    Juice made from freshly harvested celeriac. Recognized for its essential oils and high potassium content. It acts as a diuretic, helps neutralize the pH balance and stimulates kidney function, ridding the body of toxins.Overeating and poor nutrition can place a great strain on the body. pH levels are thrown out of balance, disrupting the metabolism and allowing harmful toxins to accumulate in the body.Essential oils found in celeriac juice can stimulate kidney function, while the potassium promotes urinary activity, giving this juice its purify..
  • Biotta Elderberry Juice For Your Respiratory & Immune (6x16.9Oz)
    Enjoy Biotta NaturalsElderberry Juice For Your Respiratory & Immune. Rich In Mineral Nutrients Aids In Relieving Inflamed And Blocked Respiratory Passages. The Toxins From Air Pollution Has Lead To An Ever Increasing Strain On Our Respiratory Passages. The Natural Active Ingredients In Elderberries Can Help Regenerate The Cilia's Filtering Function In The Respiratory Passages. Has A Positive Influence On The Immune System. The Juice From Elderberries Also Helps Relieve Colds And Flu (Note: Description is informational only. Please refer to ingr..
  • Biotta Mountain Cranberry Juice Cocktail (6x16.9 OZ)
    The Biotta plus: hand-harvested wild-grown mountain cranberries, birch leaf tea and Mexican agave concentrate for 500 ml of pure nature. Harvested with great care � this is a completely whole and natural taste.Wild mountain cranberry juice is naturally very strong and sour. For this reason, in addition to the 30% wild mountain cranberry juice, ready-to-drink Biotta wild mountain cranberry contains 17% agave concentrate and birch leaf tea, which supports the effect of the wild mountain cranberries...
  • Biotta Nat Beet Juice (6x16.9OZ )
    Made from freshly harvested organic beetroots Unique for its high levels of anti-carcinogens and very high carotenoid content. Low in fat and an excellent source of folic acid.Contains valuable natural betacyanin (giving beetroot its violet red color) Betacyans are phyto-nutrients that strengthen the body's own defenses and help maintain cell function for strengthened immune system.Serving Suggestion: Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. For best quality and freshness use within 7 days of opening...
  • Biotta Organic Carrot Juice (6x16.9 FZ)
    The first Biotta carrot juice was sold in 1957. Even back then, the idea was to bottle top-quality organic carrots from Thurgau, completely without artificial additives - just natural and pure. Over the years, the range of Biotta juices on offer grew continuously, and we ventured into fruit juices, followed by mixed juices, even using very special ingredients such as aronia or black carrots. When we develop new products, we�re not governed by short-lived trends, but by our customers. And this is how a diverse range of Biotta classic juices orig..
  • Biotta Sauerkraut Juice (6x16.9Oz)
    Enjoy Biotta Sauerkraut Juice. Premium Quality Juices Rich With Natural Minerals & Vitamins To Promote Good Health. Never From Concentrate. (Note: Description is informational only. Please refer to ingredients label on product prior to use and address any health questions to your Health Professional prior to use...
  • Biotta Vegetable Juice Cocktail (6x16.9 OZ)
    Biotta vegetable cocktail is a balanced blend of different vegetable juices. Fresh from field to bottle with care: the Biotta vegetable cocktail unites the best that nature has to offer. For a healthy juice day now and then. Juice from pressed freshly harvested vegetables: tomatoes, carrots, celery root and beetroot, enhanced with herbs and a little sea salt...